film making

Film Making

Trevor has been busy with cine cameras for a while now and having some success with his short films. He has had films selected and screened in events in Sheffield, Leeds, Huddersfield and Italy.

He is passionate about film, and uses either Super 8 or the really old wind up Standard/Regular 8 cameras, often with vintage film stock, including Super 8 Sound film such as his recent film of artist Wayne Wolton during his week long real time drawing project at Hull Central Library.

Here is a still taken from 'York Mansions' a film of a crumbling block in central London which he has photographed and filmed over several years as it has decayed, and will be regenerated. This film was taken on long expired Kodachrome and hand developed by Trevor, he chose to leave the film as a negative to keep the warm colours which suited the subject matter.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 21.03.28

Still from 'York Mansions.'

His short film 'A day in the life of a not so eager beaver' announced amongst the winners of the Lomography Ten and One competition reviewing entries to various Lomography competitions in 2016.

surfing hornsea
Still from 'A day in the life of a not so eager beaver'

Here are links to his films on Vimeo

Thinking about the moving image is a little different to still photography, but it is still photography.