Art Photography & Film by Trevor Dingle

I look at the objects and views around me and places them in a frame with a camera.
I prefer to use film in medium or large format cameras.

star trails

I have built several pinhole cameras to be in control of the entire process.
Thinking about the moving image is a little different to still photography, but it is still photography.

pinhole torquay

lifting the lid

I now concentrate on photography as my main art practice.
I learned the art of the camera and darkroom as a teenager and first exhibited when aged seventeen. I use a variety of cameras, including traditional film in formats from Super 8 to large format, and more recently some digital capture with a digital SLR.
I have a passion for alternative processes like developing old film in Caffenol a home made developer.

deco steps

For years I concentrated on black and white and printed all my own in the darkroom, and still prefer black and white for many subjects such as portraits and buildings. I often scan the negatives now and produce ink jet or C-Type prints with a minimum of digital manipulation.

3H3After Dark Photo by Trevor Dingle

Paragon Station by Trevor Dingle
copson street

Photograph by Trevor Dingle Great Court British Museum

His colour work concentrates on the sea, landscape, close-ups of the natural world using a macro lens.

He is constantly on the lookout for unusual left behind items for his body of work 'Dechets trouve's'


Film Making

Trevor has been busy with cine cameras for a while now and having some success with his short films. During 2016 & 2017 he has had films selected and screened in events in Sheffield, Leeds, Huddersfield and Italy.

He is passionate about film, and uses either Super 8 or the really old wind up Standard/Regular 8 cameras.

Here is a still taken from 'York Mansions' a film of a crumbling block in central London which he has photographed and filmed over several years as it has decayed, and will be regenerated. This film was taken on long expired Kodachrome and hand developed by Trevor, he chose to leave the film as a negative to keep the warm colours which suited the subject matter.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 21.03.28

Still from 'York Mansions.'

His short film 'A day in the life of a not so eager beaver' announced amongst the winners of the Lomography Ten and One competition reviewing entries to various Lomography competitions in 2016.

surfing hornsea
Still from 'A day in the life of a not so eager beaver'

Here are links to his films on Vimeo

He has literally thousands of black and white prints and negatives and colour transparencies waiting to be scanned. Looking at these again is proving a rewarding exercise.
He has recently photographed events in the Hull City of Culture 2017 and is a regular contributor to

He has a large collection of coastal images, photographs of London in black and white and photographs of his adopted local area taken in the last twenty years.

Infrared Photograph by Trevor Dingle
Municipal Almshouses, Hull

Beverley Minster with rabbits
Beverley Minster with rabbits